Burnett County, Wisconsin

Tax Information

The second installment of 2017 real estate taxes is due to the Burnett County Treasurer by July 31, 2018. Courtesy postcard payment reminders have been mailed to property owners who chose to pay in two installments and timely paid the first installment of taxes. If you did not receive a reminder postcard, contact the county treasurer’s office at 715-349-2187 for the amount due. When paying current year taxes in full or in two installments, the first payment was due January 31, 2018; if your first payment is late, you must pay interest on the unpaid portion. This interest goes back to February 1, 2018, and accumulates at the rate of one percent per month. If you did not receive a reminder postcard, you paid the taxes in full, the first payment was not received, received late, or an address update is needed. Unfortunately, many mailing pieces are returned undeliverable with no forwarding address available. When moving or changing your mailing address, remember to contact the county Land Services Department directly at 715-349-2109 with this information.


The County Treasurer office has moved! They are now located in Room 170 of the Burnett County Government Center, which is still on the first floor but located in a different wing. If you choose to pay your taxes in person, enter at the main lobby doors, take a right and we are the first office on the right.


Tax Rolls

Click Here for the Real Estate Tax Rolls for the Town of Lincoln


Public Access

Public Access Directions PDF file you can download and print