Have you gotten your dog license yet?

Every dog in Wisconsin, five months or older must be licensed annually. Vaccination for rabies and an annual dog license go hand in hand as proof of a current rabies vaccination is a requirement to license a dog.

In Lincoln Township, the fee for an annual license (AKA tag) is $10 or less. If you own 12 or more dogs, a multiple dog license is available at a reduced fee. This minimal fee not only keeps you and your dog in good standing with the law, but also provides your dog with an identification tag that will help his safe return home should he get lost.

The Town Treasurer issues dog licenses. Licenses can be paid (by separate check) with your annual real estate taxes or directly to the Treasurer if no taxes are due.


Dog License Fillable Application

Affidavit of Death or Disposal of Dog.pdf

How do I get a license for my business?
The answer to this would depend on the type of business. The Town Clerk’s office Issues specific licenses (i.e., bar, etc.). If the business did not require any Town-issued Licenses, the individual would be directed to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for a sellers permit.

How can I get a bartender license?
Complete the proper application form and pay fee. After filing and payment in the Town Clerk’s office, the application must go to Town Council for approval. Applicants receive a letter from the Town Clerk advising the status of their application. No license is issued to any person with outstanding municipal court fines. Bartender licenses are not issued until the applicant has provided proof of completion of the Beverage Server Course. If the applicant has held an operator’s license within the last two years, in Wisconsin, they are exempt from the Beverage Server course requirement.

Do I need a permit to create a new driveway?  

Please contact the Town Chairman, Steve Waskuhn to obtain a driveway permit.

Driveway Ordinance

Driveway Specifications